Mindfulness Workshops & Retreats

In this busy World where spare time can be short, I have something suitable for everyone. Come and dip your toe into mindfulness at my fortnightly, drop-in, 'Mindfulness and Tea' session at a cosy, vintage coffee house, in Westbourne held on Thursday evenings. Alternatively, 'Wake up and meditate' on Wednesday mornings is an intimate, women's group held at Shiva Shakti studio. I also hold a monthly workshop at The Amethyst Cave studio, which allows you to delve a little deeper into the practice.

Each monthly session has a unique theme and includes 15-minutes of gentle yoga stretches followed by a longer, lying down guided meditation, allowing you to let go of stresses and strains into the heated floor beneath you. We finish with a warming tea and yummy vegan treat. My retreat afternoons and whole day retreats allow you to immerse yourself fully in the core mindfulness practices and totally shift gear from the constant doing mode, into a day of SIMPLY BEING! Scroll down to read more about sessions currently available.

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New Year, New Mindset package - SPECIAL OFFER
6 x 1-to-1, 75 minute sessions, for £180 (usual price £210)

This 6-week Mindfulness course will teach you how to shift gear from the constant, fast-paced doing mode to a calmer, more present ‘being’ mode. It will show you how to practice the skills of mindfulness of breath, mindful communication, mindful eating/drinking and mindful movement.

Mindfulness of breath
Simple breathing techniques to ground you in the present when you are becoming anxious or overwhelmed.

Mindful communication
How to become more aware of your hard-wired, reactive habits, opening up a possibility of an alternative = responding mindfully.

Mindful eating/drinking
Increase awareness of how you are fuelling your body and how it really makes you feel.

Mindful movement
How to drop down from the whirlwind of your mind and to step into your body and listen to its messages.

I will bring all necessary equipment and come to you, in the comfort of your own home. Reading materials and recorded mindfulness practices will be provided with this course to help you on your journey to begin 2020 with a new mindset.


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What our clients say...

“Linda’s weekly mindfulness sessions in Westbourne are a wonderful gathering. Linda expertly leads us through several guided meditations. I find them hugely beneficial to relax, de-stress and recentre and would highly recommend them to anyone.” Emma Moon